About me

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Music and Dance

I am passionate about music and movement. I love to sing, to play piano and all kinds of percussive and melodic instruments. In a playful way and with a great joy in experimentation and absurdity, I constantly let my body become an instrument for all kinds of expression and communication. That is how I discover new paths and twists on my artistic journey.

Starting with couple dances like Salsa, Tango-Argentino, Lindy-Hop and Solo-Charleston, as well as Forró and Samba de Gafieira, I got to know many different dance styles over the years.
What initially just was a hobby that accompanied me in my youth and during my vocational training as a men's tailor, became a profession when I began to study at the 
University of Arts in Berlin.



From 2016 to 2022 I studied Eurhythmics / Music and Movement at the University of Arts in Berlin. For several years I was trained in classical singing and its methodology and deepened my knowledge on the piano and with percussion instruments. In the area of movement, I got to know various dance techniques, especially modern dance and contemporary ballet. What I did not learn at the university, I additionally found in the dance schools of Berlin, such as dance acrobatics and a deepening in my contemporary dance skills, as well as some physical theater classes. Above all I got to know and love Improvisation as an artistic and pedagogical tool during my studies and developed the ability to communicate and create spontaneously with the body, in movement and in music.
For some occasions I have developed and performed compositions, solo performances and also group pieces. In the pedagogical field, I have been intensively trained to work with people of all ages and in a variety of settings. More detailed descriptions of my teaching activities can be found in the menu item Teaching and Learning.


After the studies

What I have learned opens up a versatile professional life in which I can express myself as a musician and dancer as well as contribute as an educator. Every now and then I come across opportunities to try out new things and put what I have learned into practice. In most artistic courses of study, there is a specialization in one specific subject. In Eurhythmics, it is the versatility that characterizes the content of the study and its possibilities and makes it special.
In my free time I am passionate about Brazilian music, especially MPB and Samba. In order to understand the music and to be able to sing, I learned Portuguese and together with other musicians I am currently working on a musical program, which will be performed in the future.
For some time now I have been studying 'humor' and comedy in artistic and pedagogical processes both theoretically and practically. It is an exciting topic, which I can only begin to grasp despite intensive research. I will continue this research and let the findings flow into my work again and again.
I am always happy about new contacts with creative people from the fields of music, dance and theater. If you would like to work with me in any way or just talk about what keeps us busy and inspired, feel free to contact me.



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