In time

Berlin, April 2020

Time passes in an insane hastiness and at the same time it stands still.
It falters, it grows, it expands, it does somersaults in a space that possibly does not even exist. It condenses and imposes itself and even if I sometimes would prefer to deliberate myself from it, it tactlessly goes through me and makes me shudder. The shudder either goes by and it remains a short- or long-lasting stillness, or it gains in size and intensity and tortures the whole space-time-continuum around me. After one instant a second one grows, which passes into a third one. One shuddering, two shuddering, three shuddering.

One might think that an instant would have a clear beginning and an end due to its nature. Eye opens, picture enters, eye closes. Framed by the vigorous blink of the eyelids. But an instant can seem endless. Then, a one instant long period of time is filled with such an intensity that everything stops and nothing passes.

Completely motionless and at the same time infinitely moving.                                                                                                                                                                   May there be more of those instants to be perceived and lived.