This class is designed and suitable for all those who enjoy singing (or the idea of singing) and want to do it more often or in a more reflected and profound way. Here the whole body is involved with a lot of attention, because it is the instrument that we make sound with when we sing and therefore it is important to feel comfortable in it and to strengthen the awareness of ourself. With many small exercises I help you to get to know and control your own voice. These exercises cover different areas: Perception exercises, music theory basics, learning to listen, speaking and articulation exercises, as well as improvisation, because: the voice is a very personal and multifunctional instrument and with a little bit of attention, motivation and joyful experimentation, wonderful sounds can be created.
Of course we also work on music pieces – here you are welcome to bring your own desired piece from any style, or I make suggestions. Don’t worry, there will always be something.

For teenagers and adults from 12 years, with or without previous knowledge.