Teaching and learning


It is about to make music and to create sounds in a playful way, with the joy of experimentation and imagination. The body becomes an instrument, for oneself, for music and for dance.

My philosophy of teaching music and dance

In music and movement classes one encounters many topics that are important for a personal development: confrontation with one’s own desires and needs, abilities and inhibitions. In group instructions, one can learn to perceive oneself in relation to others; to become part of a group structure while recognizing, protecting and expanding one’s own limits. Learn, how certain things can emerge through being active together, and much more. A good teacher tries to see and encourage her students with their own strengths and weaknesses. She recognizes the ways of how contents are perceived and understood individually, what encourages and spurs on her students, and where they are confronted with their fears. In my eyes, good teaching creates an ideal satisfaction of curiosity, joy in dealing with new challenges, it awakens and promotes creativity and imagination, and it brings the students so close to themselves and to music that making music and moving can be linked with enjoyment and serve as a tool for expressing one’s own ideas and feelings.

Teaching Content

I offer private lessons in piano and voice, as well as workshops and regular classes in musicality, rhythm, dance and improvisation. I deeply enjoy passing on my enthusiasm and knowledge to people who enjoy music and movement and wish to deepen their connection to those mediums and to themselves.
Improvisation plays a fundamental role in all of my teaching formats. The exploration of different possibilities of expression and playfulness with one’s own body and on an instrument, alone and in a group, is a very rich and versatile field of learning. I am happy to adapt the content of the lessons to the wishes of the students.

  • Playing technique on the piano
  • Vocal technique
  • Improvisation with voice, piano and movement
  • Musical listening
  • Basics of music theorie
  • Rhythm games
  • Bodypercussion
  • Dance improvisation and creativity
  • Movement training

More detailed descriptions of the individual teaching contents follow in the respective menu items.

The language of instruction is usually German, but I also speak and understand English and Portuguese and a bit of Spanish and French if German is not possible.

If you are interested, if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me by mail to Myriam@Brigmann.com