Eurhythmics / Music and Movement


…what exactly is that?

Eurhythmics is a subject/educational concept with an artistic-pedagogical approach. Here, the relationship between music and movement is thematized. What do music and movement have in common? What connects them, how do they influence each other and what tensions can arise from their coaction?
Through the sensitization of the senses and therefore of (self-) awareness, as well as the constant call for action, reaction and (often non-verbal) negotiation in the group, social skills are developed and expanded. Furthermore, in the confrontation with music and movement, technical skills are developed and personal artistic-creative expression is stimulated and expanded in many exploratory and creative tasks. 

Those who deal with eurhythmics can learn to engage in a wide variety of personal processes, to surrender and to be creative.

The study of Eurhythmics is interesting for all age groups and takes place mainly in interactive group lessons.

A more detailed description of the subject and its development can be found on the website of HOOU (Hamburg Open Online University).