Movement / Dance


Dance Improvisation – creative designing in movement

The improvisational examination with the body, its possibilities in movement and as a tool for creation is a very exciting experience. Through guided, often theme-related improvisation, one can get to know and expand one’s own range of movement and action. Thereby the perception for oneself and for others is addressed and sensitized.

Movement-expression-communication with the body. Interaction with other dancers. Spontaneous reaction to music. Creative organization of the music, the space, the time. Playing with possibilities and impossibilities, with tension and relaxation, with all imaginable forms of liveliness in movement.
The artistic and personal experiences made during dance improvisation can have a positive effect in different areas of life and work. A good body feeling, increased creativity and flexible reactions are also a great enrichment for challenges in everyday life.

Movement Training

Through specific exercises and the learning of short movement sequences and choreographies to music, various skills are trained:

  • Coordination: controlling and directing one’s own movements
  • Experiencing and applying different states of tension tension
  • Expansion of the movement vocabulary
  • Rhythmization of movements and linking them to music